How do I whitelist under HornetSecurity?

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Setting up and using the blacklist/whitelist


You can add individual domains to a whitelist via the Control Panel. You will find the whitelists in the Control Panel under "Black/Whitelist".

Entries can be added or removed manually. When importing and also when manually entering entries, make sure that no special characters are used.  

Separate lists are maintained for the spam filter and the web filter. These lists apply either to the individual user or globally for the entire domain. For each incoming query, the individual filters are processed completely from left to right in priority. The priority of the filters is as follows:

  1.     User Whitelist
  2.     User Blacklist
  3.     Customer Whitelist (global)
  4.     Customer Blacklist (global)

If a suitable entry is found in one of the lists, no further query takes place. The web filter also offers the option of creating group-based blacklists/whitelists. The order here is:

  1.     User Whitelist
  2.     User Blacklist
  3.     Groups Whitelist
  4.     Groups Blacklist
  5.     Customer Whitelist (global)
  6.     Customer Blacklist (global)

Here, the system accesses the groups that have been set up via "Management".

Please ensure that the blacklist/whitelist entry is matched to the header-from attribute. The listed Black-/Whitelists do not check the Envelope-From.

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