How do I set up whitelisting under Proofpoint?

As part of the IT-Seal phishing simulation, we ask you to allow our email server. This is IP Our interactive explanation page, to which participants are redirected when they click on one of our phishing links, is also hosted there.

Set up sender list


  1. On the "Sender Lists" page, users and administrators can enter email addresses, domains or IPs to allow messages based on the item.
    They can access their sender lists that affect all users in the company at: Security Settings > Email > Sender Lists.
  2. The "Sender Lists" page contains two sections labelled as follows:
    1. Blocked sender list - quarantines the message.
    2. Safe Senders List - lets the message through unfiltered.
  3. Add the IT-Seal IP address to the "Safe Senders List".
  4. Click on "Save".

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