Sophos Central Admin


As part of the IT-Seal phishing simulation, we ask you to allow our email server. This is IP Our interactive explanation page, to which participants are redirected when they click on one of our phishing links, is also hosted there.

Allow/Block lists for Sophos Central Admin

Use the Email Secruity page on the left and then (again on the left) go to Settings under the Configuration category to configure lists that define trusted and known bad hosts and senders and a list of whitelisted URLs. For "Allow/Block Incoming" click the Add -> Add Allow button.
In the text box, enter the IP address of IT-Seal (, check the Enforce sender authentication box and press Save.
To ensure this, there should now be a line on the page with "ALLOW", the IP address of IT-Seal, the current date and "Enforced". 

  • Messages from the Allowed list will bypass anti-spam filtering.
  • URLs in the whitelist are not rewritten if the ToC policy is configured to skip these URLs



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