Who is responsible for the phishing simulation and what is it intended to achieve?

The simulations are conducted by IT-Seal and serve the purpose of increasing security awareness throughout the company. To raise awareness in the area of security awareness and to train in the correct handling of phishing emails, we offer comprehensive e-learning. Using examples from everyday work, specific modules, short learning videos and quizzes from various areas, you will learn interactively how to handle computers, smartphones and your data securely. Topics such as passwords and authentication, email security or how social engineering works are covered.

In addition, we send simulated phishing e-mails to participating employees at irregular intervals. In doing so, we act like real attackers and recreate realistic attack scenarios. This not only teaches you how to deal with real attacks, but also gives you a feel for the tricks cybercriminals use. 

Your employer will not receive any information about your individual click rates, but only group-related evaluations.

Your anonymity is therefore always guaranteed